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About Malaysia TV Guide

Watching TV programs was big part of people’s life since the television brought the entertainments to homes but it never remained same as the people lives get more complicated and it changed the way today we watch TV programs and shows. Nowadays, there may not so many people spend all their days sitting in front of TV and watch every single program.

The complicated lifestyle of people requires taking advantage of technology to keep track and manage the daily work and tasks in order to maintain the routine and organized life. “Malaysia TV Guide” application will help you to keep track and find your favorite TV shows and programs and manage your daily tasks and time.

“Malaysia TV Guide” application will display the daily schedule and programs from TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7 and 8TV which is broadcasting on Malaysian National TV. Also to track the programs easier, you can also check out the “Now Playing” and “Coming-up Next” programs on the main page of the application.